Vinyl Destination is on Bandcamp

It's been an interesting year thus far. Winter still looms a bit as we wait for Spring to really show some sign of kicking in. But we're breathing right? That's enough to be grateful for. So, this morning I was looking through folders and I came across an album that I've been sitting on for a while. I felt like today would be a great day to drop it just because. Of course it'll be good to make a few sales, but more importantly I need to continue to release material into the world for people to find. This project Vinyl Destination today symbolizes me looking back at past production as I contemplate my future as a producer. You've gotta recognize where you came from to move forward? Well I came from a crate of a handful of records and turntable initially. And as it stands today I don't have much more. The big difference is these days I don't sample very much. But with Vinyl Destination it's all about the sample. Download it today! Listen and see how many samples you recognize. Here's the link: Enjoy!

As always thanks for reading if you made it this far.

Believe In You.

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