That's The Way Of the World

There's nothing worst then picking up an empty cd case. This case was once empty. Today it's not and I'm thrilled. Now I'll lead you to the path of Earth Wind & Fire. Have you not traveled this road yet, there may be good reason. But, since you've stumbled across this blogger's domain today, you are invited to check out this lane.

The title of this album is actually the title of an out of print film (That's The Way Of The World) that starred a young Harvey Keitel as a record company executive caught up in a worldwind of race, power and politics. The group Earth Wind & Fire stars in the film as a band of hopefuls.

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Ra said...

My apoligies for not visiting in a while.

You know the thing I love most about you is that you've got SO many LAYERZ. You can write about anything!

Now I didn't know that fact about Earth, Wind, and Fire, and they are my all time favorite band. (You know I'm trying to track that movie down now -- smile).

Just did a new post. Feel free to come back and visit anytime!

Be blessed...