Hmmm. So yall want me to rap huh ?

We'll I'm doing Mindspray next week on the 16th. Thursday Night. Recorded something brand new last week just for the show. I should by early next week have a video up of the intro song 'Justive'.

And a quick keystyle for all you people in this cyber world...

Etched on, a wretched thought, time traveled bought 2 tickets, to witness, one of the illest to spill it on stage.. super serum, hypo allergetic... sneezed with much rage. way past the 2 handed touch phase.. shot out to ET and the educated consumer passin rumors to the greys... negros possed to start a new league in this space age... like each day. you create your own cage... understudy didn't study, through a monkey wrench in the tarzan play... yall all can't stay.. no room at the inn... reset... reset... and let's all just pretend... like we ain't seen nathan... passin the knowledge from hotel bibles leatherbound tradition with profound abbrations... 2009 he probably won't rhyme.. just janitor on space station...

Done... fini

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