Cleopatra Jones why did you leave?

You know I just found out that Ms. Tamara Dobson left the planet on Monday. She was only 59. If you never saw a Cleopatra Jones flick then you're slippin. I just wanted to take a moment and make mention about this tremendous lady that stood six feet and 2 inches tall with a chocolate slender shell. Everyone has drooled over Pam Grier in the past and that's all good and well, but Ms. Jones was force to be reckoned with too.

In 2001 I released a song entitled 'Basketball Jones' (which if you already know me I shouldn't have to tell you, anyway) In my first line I mention her. If you ask me she was quite serious. Definition of strong black womanhood with a fierce kungfu kick.

'Basketball Jones' off the album Pagan: 1st Movement 1968 (2001) Eklektic Gardens
'Original Radio Spot' for the feature Cleopatra Jones.
'Cleopatra Jones Theme Song' Joe Simon with The Mainstreeters