Shut Up already and make music. Can you ?

Have underground artists become so consumed with the atrocity that is mainstream Hip-Pop that they have been reduced to merely making records complianing about the mainstream? This is a rant of some sorts because what I'm personally tired of is hearing all the reasons why underground artists can't get any love and how terrible mainstream music has become. At any point do the complainers every consider perhaps making some good music theirselves to create a counterbalance? Would it be hard to focus on being better at your craft and taking it as serious as those that seriously make crap for the money. When you write songs who do write them for ? Obviously not for anyone to enjoy. Who's suppossed to enjoy complaining and whining to poorly mastered tracks anyway? Underground doesn't mean wack. But it's apparant that, that's what people are thinking. Another thing, how about we all stop trynah teach everyone this great lesson and take some time to learn somethings ourselves. What does self righteous mean? And how can I improve on what I'm doing. Or maybe do I even need to be doing this?

I'll be back with more, that was a random one because I just listened to two records where I just couldn't take the whole you need to do this, they need to do that business any longer.