... the sun

The sun would be my inspiration during my time here. It is a more then powerful forgotten technology with the capability to heal and resolve all.

I found strength in my brothers, though not of blood relation. We held a bond through universal truth. How we located one another is another story within itself. We’ll eventually get to that but for now I must record the details of my current feelings.

As if heaven were on earth, a blanket of warm undisturbed peace covered i during my session absorbing the sun’s rays. For some time I’d been ‘refueling’ as I would ultimately come to label this experience. As children we’d been warned of the dangers of staring into the sun, similar to the myth of staring into the television set. These actions were to surely weaken your vision if not blind you, but its obvious these ideas held no truth. I can see, and quite well mind you. Call me the man with x ray eyes, only I learned to control them unlike that poor fellow in the old black and white sci-fi thriller. Never would I pluck mine own eyes from their sockets.

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