Freestyle Session at WFMU 91.1FM - Conscious & Ramiz

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You know what I love about Hiphop? Well, showing up for a live radio show on a friday afternoon in a state that you do not reside in only to be asked to do a freestyle session with a kat you're meeting for the first time on that same day.

Big shout to Billy Jam for inviting me out to be a guest on his show Put the Needle On the Record. You can check out the show in it's entirety below.
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Fazim. Dope spoken word piece...


Another Sunday Dig! Feonix ?

mp3----> Feonix

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I have a lot of recordings. And for the most part I surely have things recorded that I don't remember. I was checking a spindel and found a disk that was archived in August of 2004. That's not to say that the track was recorded during that month only burned to take off of my comp.

Feonix. I don't know why I named it that. I don't know what state of mind I was in when I recorded it. All I know is I hadn't heard this since I archived it.

The track was labeled, 'Punk Smooth' by some of my associates. If I listened to everything everyone said about the music I create or generally the things I do that are not orthodox then I would never have accomplished as much as I have thus far in this life.

Sunday archival dig. Yah dig...

Yeah I'm pretty spontaneous and spontaneously I arrived at the idea of offering up an archived track of mine every Sunday. Sorta like my sunday evening posting sans Norman Rockwell, and er uh a newspaper. Oh well forget it.

What you will get is a track from the many I've done over the years. I've recorded a whole lot, for the most part most of what you'd never hear unless you visit this blog to pick up the audio.

the first posting...

a track called Klokwerk 9 . It was suppossed to appear on a mixtape I was working on entitled, "the world is under one large scaffold, mixtape".( sorry to everyone that sent me a drop, I apprecite your contributions to this now extinct idea for a record) it never happened. I scraped the project and have a few random recordings sctattered about that have been pretty much orphaned. I'll release this one so it may find a new home on your desktop, perhaps burnt on a cdr or even added to your playlist in your ipod...

Big shot out to the dude you hear as the track begins. Dirty Harry. A great emcee / producer and more importantly a good father of 3 beautiful children.

Klowerk 9 <---download


The Art Of Dora Morse.

I have a good friend out on the left coast named Dora Morse. I already knew she wrote some very nice poetry pieces (she even recorded a short experimental project a while ago, I ougtah bootleg it!), but I'm becoming aware now that she also has an obvious ability to create interestingly colorful visual pieces as seen in the above collage I received this afternoon via snail mail. People still communicate in that way you know. I'm going to give her a call. I think this one needs to be made into a print. What do you think ?

Photo Op?

Yeah so I'm taking pictures these days at events. Man I'm not too thrilled with this one... But it is what it is. Shot out to Talk Of New York. will be interviewing these guys soon. They're doing well. Very well.

This one surely didn't have to make the site!