A Discussion on Drugs : Crack Cocaine


When I was a kid living in Harlem I used to literally count the number of crack vials that lay scattered about the streets on the way home from school everyday. It was almost an adventure sadly and a thrill when stumbling across a color top that I wasn't used to seeing. Back then, I had no real understanding of the impact of what these small containers that once held small addictive rocks was. The ultimate result that their entrance in to the environment I lived in would cause. All I knew was 'Crack Is Wack', 'Say No To Drugs'. I understood at some point that both of my uncles ended up using it.

As an adult, with knowledge of the history of how this 'crack' became a dilapidating epidemic. Two questions still are left unanswered for me. 1. What company manufactured the majority of the vials back then that ended up housing crack rocks? 2. At what point did dealers stop distributing the substance in those vials, opting for tiny baggies?

Anyway I thought this was an interesting topic.

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Adam said...

VERY good question. The optimist in me assumes the viles were probably discontinued when said company found a better way to distribute their product... or they simply didn't want to be associated with crack.