Paradice: Intro to new album in the works called eN Moment... <----- Click 2 Listen Inspired by the changes in my life that have been occuring through my own creation. Early this morning I decided I want to do a short record to kind of describe how I'm feeling. So I'll be placing together tracks for a EP with really peaceful music. Some rhymes, some songs, some spoken word.

Realizing the affect our music has on those that listen, I am now more then ever consciously seeking ways to push forward a certain vibe to share with folks. Don't get me wrong, everything I do will not sound the same and sound like I'm floating in space or anything but the movement for this project is going to be an easy laid back peaceful one. I want to share this feeling I have right now because I want others to experience it as well...

The following track is entitled, 'Paradice'. It is the introduction to the the album I will call eN Moment. I am living in the moment for that is all that we have.

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