Marthalicia... The Enchanting Paintress

Technology is great sometimes. Snap a few pictures with your digital camera. Record a conversation with your mp3 player. Upload through usb 2.0 and presto, you're a new media wizard.

Martha Alicia is an outstanding painter and illustrator I wanted you guys to know about... Here's a conversation with her.


Luna L* Star said...

Ive had the priveledge of meeting martha and seen her work. its great to hear her express how her art is created and its inspirations.her art is like visions that have yet to happen. her art is can be sumed as "paitings for the future" as her business cards read.Thank you Concious and Martha

TheModernAbe said...

I really enjoy Martha's work. I found your blog though a bulletin she posted. I'm really glad you interviewed her! It allows for a glimpse into the mind of an abstractionist. I really love abstract and it allows endless possibilities for expression.
Thank you for creating this blog conscious!