Music: Conscious & Thinker - Basement ?

[Click Here] to download Basement - Conscious & Thinker

Here's something my friend Thinker just emailed me a few minutes ago. I assume we recorded this 3-4 years ago. Not really sure. Anyway, it made me think about the fact that Thinker and I have a project we talked about doing together a long while ago and we ought to make that happen. It's honestly a great thing to be able to record and create music with a person that you find agreeable. Surely we do not agree on every single thing but we get along and work well together. Look out for some more Conscious, Thinker collaborations.

Here's a few links to past collabos, they go back a few years:

Time Is Of The Essence - Thinker shot the video. And actually recorded the track. Track produced by Provide records.

Sessions - ft. God's Chocolate - Thinker produced the track and recorded it as well.

Spinnin ft. Thinker & L - Star - Thinker recorded this one.

Scrub Handz ft. Kaleal Crooks & Thinker


thinker said...

Indeed a Conscious Thinker collaborative effort is long over due.

Adil said...
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