a rhyme

chillen and illen, and willen to fly.
i, building wit pilgrim, plus villain spillin duh wine.
fillin in blanks, blanketed talk, chalk walk definitive lines..
sunshine and aqua replenish this unlimited mind
subliminal, crime - lab, line stab'em in eye
show'em the point, point blank mey siah arrive in the sky
i turn pages, rip stages, navigate life's mazes...
at the same time 'wondering why'?
what does it all mean, he fabricated a dream involving a spleen
and irene cryin over some cream
these sheep asleep, get herded 2day
she just missed the beast nourished by curds and some way...
marketed by the beast but that's awful cliche...
thumb out and about hitchikin, a dj
serato to scratch, soundwaves over digital wax
poetic with vets, the religion war is over,
an avatar never forgets, dem properties of we
minuscule pieces of god's debris

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