'You know, it all begins with you' is what I said to my self or what my self said to me this morning. Still trynah figure that one out. But I do know someone is talking to you. Yes, you reading this post. 

I took off my shoes and lay with my back upon a rock this morning, facing the sky, hoping that rain would fall on me and wash away some of the stagnancy that's encased my body. A little rain is all I asked for. With such an overcast, it was bound to happen, but did not.  Still I was not upset. Why be angry when I'm capable of stopping what we understand to be time and feeling a heightened sense of living, if only momentarily. Each day has been a quest to learn how to extend these rations of peace. Brief episodes of quiet time. The mind's chatter is maddening. Many failed attempts at seperating from the machine, this ghost sans ability to walk through walls but very easily sees through most people is tired. 

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