Conscious' Twitter Updates for March 26th 2009

  1. How do you like that, I just missed the 4 train. Well, here comes a next one.
  2. Assume some sort of responsibility in life. Quit being so jaded.
  3. If the kids are dancing, it's actually a good thing. Manifest it!
  4. These brief sputtering moments of what I feel are inner peace, are incredibly complex to an extent, but not really.
  5. Technology isn't the problem. Careless use and, or implementation of it is... Manifest it!
  6. Silence the mental mind chatter now. Manifest it!
  7. Gotta remember that everything begins with you. Use distractions to your benefit...
  8. Check out this event: "A Monthly Bondfire @ The Bowery Poetry Club!" []
  9. Helicopters in air... Why? Regardless of that, today seems weird thus far. Like the year of 1984 is upon us...

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