Prohibition [Unconscious Version] Produced by Malkovich Music

Newsreel: Industry Booms After Repeal of Prohibition, ca. 1933 (ca. 1933)

Artist: I Are Conscious for Eklektic Gardens [ASCAP]

borrow me a saw buck
duck there goes tommy gun
tommy's son is ice cold
cold duck, damn near
untouchable, get the gatling
how you son,
doin well
thanks for askin
put that drink down
this symposium's sober
he got karma on his side
like he walk with clovers
scoprio vision
born october two third
used to spoken words
now he speak easy
Popeye Doyle
he speak greasy
finger lickin victims
he got a thing for
stiff chicks
yeah real sick
pomade for yah low fade
real slick
slidin like the flat foots
give the fuzz the hot foot
this is more ah less-uh day camp
bootleggin, consciously
which way did he go
he went that away
scat away louie with the strong arms
thinkin to he self what a wonderful world
this could be... if it weren't for the Capital P

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