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I have a great appreciation for the legendary crooners and lounge singers of the past. It’s pretty normal for people to mention Frank Sinatra as being the greatest but I honestly don’t believe most folks actually realize why he is so. When you listen to this man, you must recognize the strength of his voice. His uncanny ability to sing phrases that would pose a challenge to most, in such a smooth and effortless way. To truly say you love and understand the musical stylings of Frank Sinatra, you have to be a student of his offerings. Until you’ve actually become that, get off the band wagon.

If I’m not mistakin, Ciph Diggy of Sleepwalkas is the individual that came up with name, ‘Saucie Sinatra’. It came about over time in relation to a performance of let’s say a rather saucy Conscious during one of the last shows performed at The Knitting Factory in lower Manhattan. My buzz word for that late evening was, ‘Saucy!’, which I shouted numerous times over the course of my set.

So anyway as I mentioned before, I love the music of Frank Sinatra. Also Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, the list continues… I even have an appreciation for certain showtunes. Yes showtunes. Working on developing my own voice for music that I’m writing these days I at times listen to a lot of songs from these artists and practice singing their songs. In the midst of doing so it’s only natural to start having ideas for my own songs done in that style. So, I’ve been writing and thus far I’ve written 2 songs, penned by the one and only, ‘Saucie Sinatra’.

My idea though with these songs once recorded and created over the proverbial scoring backdrops they’d normally be performed over, I intend on tweaking the production and adding a number of foriegn elements to this genre. A bit of chopping screwing, vocoding and glitch to the clean cut matrix of loungy, crooning, swinging, big band, jazz, showtune tunage, should be interesting.

Title: This Squirrel
Written by: Saucie Sinatra

I saw this squirrel the other day,
he wasn’t at all in a mood to play
he was focused hard, on gettin away
from another squirrel, (another squirrel)
yes another squirrel, (another squirrel)

I couldn’t believe what I saw,
what that little squirrel, had clentched in his jaws
wasn’t out of the norm, but rather bizzare
he had a chicken bone, (a chicken bone)
he had a chicken bone, (a chicken bone)

Perhaps its me, but I thought it strange
like stayin bone dry in the middle of rain
been waitin awhile for a paradigm change
but not this way, (no not like this)
but not this way, (no not like this)

It’s like the sun’s done changed to the moon
then December switched places with June
Realities gone, we’re in a living cartoon
I can’t believe it! (but it’s so true)
I can’t believe it! (but it’s so true)
I won’t believe it! (but still it’s true…)
Refuse to believe ! (but still it’s true…)
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