Dear Tokyo, a Konnichiwa (K)ninja sends his love…


I was there. In Tokyo in November. I didn’t want to leave. I met so many great people. Received so much love and hospitality.

Now they’re going through it. They need support and they need aide. While I’m happy to know that my family and friends there are safe, still their lives and countless others have been affected tremendously. While we’re still finding out if there are ways we can directly help all of those folks that so graciously hosted us during our stay, we intend on doing something this month with Bondfire. Not exactly sure what yet, but there will be something going on.

After a random conversation with the founder of Edward Aten, I crafted a grand scheme (You know I like to do things BIG!). I enjoy using Swift to upload and share music. Why not stream the entire album Konnichiwa (K)ninja, Sending out a vibe of peace and solidarity.

Today I’m uploading the album here and will leave it up indefinitely. It’s also available for download on > There’s no minimum to download it. That means you can have it for free.

It’ll be tweeting out each song with a little background info about each one. So you will be introduced to some new producers and other artists that made the project possible. Please feel free to ask questions, leave comments, interact and share.

It’s all about intent. Working on figuring out how else I can be of service to those in need, but for now I’m going to share my music. I put much into my words, while they may not seal up broken grounds, I am sure that this impulse will reach and contribute to the collective healing energy being sent from around the globe toward our extended family members in Japan.

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