Hay Pastor [Hell Of A Life] Should I continue telling the story?

I'm telling a story but not sure if I should continue. Should I? If you think I should and enough folks agree with you that I should, I will.

"Like", retweet the song or email me if you're ready for verse two and if the numbers suggest I should, I shall...


hey pastor, jesus on the main-line
he wanna ask you couple questions bout your face time
Why you rappin to the choir, that was Mase job
be more clinical or end up, genitals in mason jar
or in the grove of the pine where the free Masons spar
skull and crossbones, shiftin through papers
and lost poems, my lost signals my lost phones
androids, and clones meet, where your arms cain't reach
not to be out place in this space
we tuck our charms underneath
he bought the farm it was brief, no boxers
or that contract would be breached
safe haven for the maven's fuzzy peach
hat ten gallon, so his record's wouldn't leak
inherited her earth, grand prize for the meek

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