“Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.” The Summer’s New Hit ‘e-book’?

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Thursday (July 21st, 2011) - It’s summer time in the city of New York and while most every music artist is concerned with putting out a ‘hot’ single to compete with the season’s heat or ‘making some noise’ via an oh so cliche ‘buzz’, one in particular has decided to thread so far left, he’s ends up right. iAreConscious currently in the midst of an ‘indefinite musical hiatus’ is releasing a free e-book this week entitled, “Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.”.

With a forward written by Bay Area indie Hiphop vet Sum (The Milky Way band front man) that can be heard online from the e-book’s sign up page, (accompanied by an ever growing Facebook Face-pile) it’s apparent that while the content within may be concise and to the point, the method used to promote this work is a bit more elaborate. A little less Zen.

When asked how the idea came about to author this collection of original quotes iAreConscious states, “I was booked as a guest lecturer at NYU recently and realized I had no new product to share with the audience. I needed a calling card. I wanted to introduce them to something other than my music. People still read you know. Never-mind my mother’s been telling me to write a book for years. How could I not listen to my mom?”

“Clear & Lucid & Natural & Simple.” is both a literal and figurative journey of sorts for an artist that remains two steps a head of his audience and four to five steps ahead of his musical peers at all times. Perhaps his break from music with applied focus to writing and sharing ideas in this manner will enhance the power of his tunes whenever he decides to return to recording and performing them. Whatever the case may be, one can not deny the genius of this alternative summer campaign to create awareness. Everyone loves a good “quote”.

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