Hiphop: We Need A Lady Right Now !

Where art thou Lady O' Hiphop? We need you now. Female emcees I'm calling out to you, and I am not alone, there are others, requesting that you surface and bless us with your necessary presence. We're tired of the plastic woman mouth loaded with frivolous speak. We want a woman we can bring home to mother. One that's grown folk sexy, not vulgar. A lady that's tactful, not tactless and uncouth. Someone that switches lingo effortlessly and can hold down the fort. High self esteem required, not vanity and conceit. We don't want you to sound like our favorite male rappers. We'd like less bass in your voice. We'd appreciate that you not share every sexual detail of your past present and future. The increasing number of your partners is not attractive in the least.

We want your honesty, creativity and everything that embodies your feminine being to shine through in your lyrics and videos. Could you do us this one favor and make an appearance even if it's only for a short while. Any moments with you will be cherished and help to replenish this increasingly less fertile soil we attempt to plant seeds in.

If that woman that gets all the airtime doesn't represent you please step into the light. We will support you. We need you.

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