Tender Lovin Care : Where did it go ?

Alright, I can't say that I've done any research, but I will say at the first thought of there being a show in which the remaining members of the former trio TLC, search for a replacement for the deceased member of their once very successful girl group in reality show style just bothers me for some reason. I'm quite sure that there's some disclaimer that defends this new shows development. They may even go as far as to say that it is a tribute to Left Eye. That in some strange way this show will be dedicated to her honor and all proceeds will go to a charity of major importance. My question is, am I the only one that thinks that just the idea of this is utter appalling. I mean, there have been music groups throughout history that have lost members tragically, replaced them and kept their groups going on strong. But, I do not recall any of them broadcasting their talent search on national televison to an eager Relality TV'ed audience. I can't make assumptions about this, other then the possibility of tv producers and music moguls going too far, seeking the ultimate in Reality TV. Perhaps, the lack of funds in the accounts of T & C. Aren't they still paying for that Waterfalls video from way back when ?

I want to know if I'm in fact wrong for thinking that this is quite perverse. What do you think ?

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CHIC NOIR said...

Aren't they still paying for that Waterfalls video from way back when ?

Yea that was an expensive video. I can imagine Buster is still paying for a few of his videos too.