The Village Underground: Thorough Thursdays

You can find him behind the wheels of steel rockin a red Richard Pryor T Shirt. That dude that seems to be spinning every night of the week sending last minute myspace notes containing flyers for events a few hours away has a name. It's Synapse.

DJ Synapse is serving up a residency at the Village Underground. As far as thursdays goes he's tied into a well put together event organized by Dave Gee, he's got a new clothing line called 'Methods NYC'. Tonight they had the Art Battles crew on stage doing live art. Picture four large canvases, with four talented artist standing in front of them eager to paint as soon as the break-beat drops. A totally different experience, then what most are used to when attending a late night, no cover, open bar, DJ spinning event. For anyone wanting to step out thursday night and not worry about having to spend a fortune at some dark venue, servin up watered down overly expensive drinks, this is definitely the place for you. The Underground serves up a pretty decent plate of buffalo wings for $5.50 something you may consider ordering while getting your fill of free liquids during the open bar. Next week... Gravy (Iration Soundz).. Come through... Bring a friend meet a friend...

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