Soul On Ice

I always felt that Rass Kass was one of the best, if not in fact the best westcoast emcee to grab a mic. It's unfortunate that access to this superior wordsmith has never been regular through a mainstream audio station. More then likely you'd have to be from the west or a serious underground listener of Hiphop to really know and appreciate this man's talent.

Soul On Ice.
As I write this, I'm listening again for the very first time. I think if anyone remembers this album for anything it's for the track entitled 'Nature of the Threat'. This is a track that will have you put your head in a book and do your own research. Makes me think about how the vast majority of folks in this western westworld land are similar to those animatrons in the fact that we follow a general pattern that has been pre-determined for us. You ever ask yourself, am I actually doing what I want to do ? Or am I moving accordingly. According, to a plan pre-determined for me ?

Go listen to Soul On Ice again. Or listen for the first time if you never heard it to begin with.


Adam said...

We've been playing Rass Kass' new song, "Bars Up," on In Da Mixx. He has some amazing wordplay and his references are classic. I agree that he's a highly underrated MC.

Mahogany L. Browne said...

top 10 mc
"you aint got enough calcium in ya body to pick a bone with me" - ras