The Acting Bug : Once Bitten You'll Always Wear The Scar.

Sitting here, feeling like I wanna do some type of film work. I noticed that a couple of shorts I was in are listed in the datatbase of . I also noticed that there are currently no credits for my characters in both of the films. IMDB has been contacted. That info should be up in few weeks. Anyway, I dug up a picture. A pretty old picture. Over 10 years old.
I like black & white photos. Above is a photo of the cast and director of the short flim 'Little Man'. Guess who is young Conscious ? It was cold during the two day shoot of the integral playground scene. Freezing cold. The same year we had that blizzard in NYC. The snow began in the middle of the second day of shooting. It ultimately added perfectly to the actual film. <----- Little Man
Take The A Train -----> Another Bronx native was in this short film by the same director. You may know her as Ray Charles's wife in the movie Ray, Kerry Washington.

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