Watchoveryah : Wachovia

Big brother banking has done it again. Not a hostile takeover this time but a purchase of two financial companies. Watchovayah.

Apple released the ipod Nano (A new very slim design.) Also, the new ipod phone. They're definitely cornering the market on digital music as in they own %82 of the market share. So you gottah wonder, with there being so many other competitors in this burgeoning tech market how are the rest sharing that little %18. Sharing crumbs. Ha ha.

Google purchased a Voip company, they believe that this movement will help to generate more sales, seeing users will now have the ability to communicate and negotiate their sales more effciently over phone. I assume this is targeted more so to customers online, buying and selling internationally.

When's the last time you gave your significant other flowers or actually purchased some fresh ones for your home? Nowadays, as I walk through the park, I make it my mission to inhale deeply and take advantage of that wonderful concentrated oxygen that our tree friends produce for us.

I must write about the whole mess that's called the primaries and the goings on in the last few days that lead up to them Later.

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Jillian said...

Yes we must always stop and smell the roses