Cheetah Juice... Bilal... Fishscale & Rapper Dolls...

So every week, I figure what I'll do for now on when I'm actually home to record and make a call in to Adam Bernard's show (The Adam Bernard Experience on WVOF 88.5 FM Friday nights 7-9pm), is post the our conversations. Seems that in the midst of seemingly nonsensical exchanges we actually manage to hit on a few interesting topics. I IM'ed Adam a minute ago and suggested that ever week I call in and we'll talk for at minimum 60 seconds and drop info on folks. Who knows where it'll go. Just stay tuned in to the blog or better yet tune in to the weekly show.

April 7th 2006

koolgame1.jpg Stream HIFI adam-b-experience[conscious-call-in]cheetah-juice-bilal-fishscale-n-rapper-dolls play HiFi (mp3)
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March 31st 2006
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