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I had the pleasure of meeting Dj Spooky a few years back after a show of his at The Museum Of Television & Radio. Spooky basically remixed D.W. Griffith's 1915 "Birth of a Nation". He created a musical score with turntable and various pieces of equipment to accompany this silent film. Spooky is a cool kat to converse with. Very forward thinking and open. It is apparent that his thoughts are progressive and he is always thinking of new ways to use sound and create sound beyond the normal realm.

Download the Rebirth of a Nation musical score composed by DJ Spooky
(zipped pdf archive, 3MB)

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Now, let's take a journey into sound. The sound of 1998. During this year DJ Spooky released an LP entitled, 'Riddim Warfare'. Very Electronic... I just found the single for this project that has 4 different mixes of 'Object Unknown', along with 2 instrumentals. The song features, Kool Keith and Sir Menelik. Last time I checked they had 'beef'. or at least Kool Keith wasn't too thrilled with the thought of a Sir Menelik character. Anyway, I zipped up the singles for you to check out. You should really try and seek out the album. It also features a track with Organized Konfusion. If I stumble upon my original copy I will post it.

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d said...

What a beautiful and transformative concept. Is there any way to listen to the composition? Many props and much respect to Spooky for scoring this film and working to better Art!