K-os : Joyful Rebellion

"Emcee Murdah"

I friend of mine thought that I'd enjoy this album so he put me on to this record. Let me put you on to it as well. K-OS has a sick video where every verse is a different scene from random album jackets he picks up while at a record shop. I'll see if I can locate it.

Talking to another partner of mine that put me on to an emcee that I'd heard of in the past but never gave a listen to. Some may know him from a battle with Super Natural. Check out Juice.


But of course you can find this man on Myspace. Hey if you hit'em up about his tunes, tell'em that Conscious put you on.

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Jahari Gamba said...

Peace. This is one ill album! K-Os actually is from Trinidad..REPRESENT!
check out "The Man I Used To Be" video..peace.