Tuna recipe #4...

Another recipe for tuna has come to my mind and I will now share it with you. As you will notice, I use Bumble Bee and there's a reason. That reason lies in programming and conditioning. When I was younger I was always told by mother to never purchase Starkist because it was in fact cat food. I also remember my mother saying, though she adamantly denies it today, that it also had pieces of dolphin in it. As far as Chicken Of The Sea well that was never on the shelves in our house either. Anyway, on with the recipe.

What you'll need:

Of course Tuna. Let's go with 2 cans of solid white in water. (You can do one can in oil one in water. Don't ask me why. I'm just saying you can. It's up to you.)

Now what do you add to your tuna for seasoning. I for one have various ideas of what your basic tuna taste variations can be. There's a sweet, a garlicy, a spicey and what I would call a well seasoned. Tuna recipe #4 is well seasoned and borders on spicey.

Drain those cans. Empty them out in a pretty bowl. Or any container that's large of enough for you to mix your ingredients in with out making a mess of your counter.

Now you need a bit of Ken's Steakhouse Zesty Italian dressing. I think I used about a little more then a quarter of a bottle. (Don't you love the way I measure?) Mix that in with your tuna well and make sure that you get those solid chucks broken down proper. Now, I have issues with tuna being too dry and being too soggy. So since we already have Ken's dressing in there it's already pretty wet... Sparingly add your choice of mayonnaise or 'white' dressing. Last time I made Tuna # 4 I had some Miracle Whip in the fridge so I used that. 2 heaping tablespoons should do just fine. I call myself combating some of that wet by using of a fair amount of ground black pepper. If you have a little pepper mill and grind whole black peppercorns then that's even better (A little white pepper corn in there would be a nice added bonus), besides, what's tuna without black pepper to begin with? 2 teaspoons of ground mustard. 2 fork fulls of grated horse radish. And there we have it. I'm big on wheat bread and I suggest you be big on it too. Arnold's is my choice when it comes to multi-grain loaves and they have some very nice country white if you just have to have it. Oh yes how could I forget. A nice ripe tomato slice accompanied by you favorite green leaf lettuce. You can even top that with a slice of onion. Toasted bread if you wish. I think that's about it for Tuna #4. Perhaps we'll work backward and I'll post #'s 3,2 and 1 in the future.

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