The Sterilization of Lupe Fiasco...

I've grown quite fond of Lupe when it comes to a new kat to check for with this rap music bidness. I enjoyed his mixtape with DJ Envy a while back. He recorded a whole lot that most folks that just discovered him after the success of Kick Push haven't heard. With Lupe it seems his fans and naysayers are split in half. Some say he's not that talented, his awfully simple he sounds like Jay. Some are simply bias because of his connection to Kanye West , which in my opinion is just plain bogus. The moment you refuse to listen to an artist due to your dislike for another, that is the exact same moment your opinion becomes illrelevant. Then there are those like myself, that just like what the kid is doing, paying no mind to the pedistal he has been placed on. He didn't do it his self so he shouldn't be punished for it.

Anyway I was listening to this Pressure track sent to me by the one and only J. Coleman and his rather unbalanced record pool. Yeah I said it. It's unbalanced. But surely I'm not hatin. And I can't help but sit here rather puzzled as I hear what seems to be a rather souless Lupe compared to the one I heard on Trials & Tribulations over the same track. Listen and tell me what you think.

Trials & Tribulations
Pressure ft. Jay Z

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Adam said...

Not surprising that once he had a hit the label would try to "adjust" his style to hit a "larger audience" that may have more people but will be far less attached to Lupe and far more willing to move on to the next big thing a label tells them to listen to.