About Leftist

I don't mourn the passing of individuals. I celebrate their lives. And I consume what they've left for us to enjoy long after they've departed. The physical form of a young man who performed on stage using the name Leftist is no longer. But fam is still here as all those that we have 'lost'.
In a conversation with emcee, Hired Gun he had this to say about our friend Leftist. "I know that he had an energy and zest for life that was amazing. It's rare you find someone who will not be stopped.He always struck me as someone who wouldn't take no for an answer...he always had a "bright" side to a situation when I spoke to him. At least in my dealing with him, much didn't seem to get him down. He wasn't unrealistic or a pollyanna, just knew that everything had an opportunity waiting within matter the situation.He struck me as a very positive thinking person. And committed. Mindspray is like that in general, I give them a lot of respect for that."

My last conversation with Leftist was a good one as they've always been. I'll remember his smile and his general enthusiasm for creating music and collaborating with his Mindspray brothers
and anyone that came into this circle of artists here in NY. I appreciated his support for me and as an artist. I could always expect an out reached hand anytime I came off a stage along with a few words of encouragement about what I was capable of doing up there.

I send my condolences to members of the Leftist family whether blood or not. Dry your eyes folks. I doubt he'd want you to be crying now.



brokemc said...

beautiful words brother.
this kis was the best.

naomi said...

he has inspired
and will
continue to
through the energy
of his lyrics and music
much love to his family
he was loved here by many