Henry Rollins' Ember of Rage

I've gottah say that I totally enjoyed Henry's stories about his visits to Walter Reed and his interactions with those wounded soldiers who reside there. It takes a strong person to be able to face individuals that have been injured horribly but even more so those that have been engulfed in this massive quagmire of war that is taking lives daily for no real reason at all. I agree with Rollins' statement about taking some sort of responsibility for aiding in the preservation of human life. I'm sure there will be those that will find the language he used to get his point across a bit unsettling and in turn use that as a means to ignore the greater importance of his declaration. I can't say that personally I have an Ember of Rage that propels me to want to affect change in the world that I am apart of. I realize that I am not separate from this universe and all of the matter that it is made up of. Being connected to this massive energy, I accept all parts of it's nature, good and bad and feel a need to cleanse those portions of me that are adverse to my survival.

I implore you to help in this cleansing process, for we are all connected. Not one being is separate. Not one is exempt from the modification of this collective body whether you believe it or not. If you don’t know where to begin I have some suggestions but, honestly we all inherently know where to start. It is just the matter of convincing ourselves to do so.

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Adam said...

Rollins is the man. I managed to grab tix a few years back to see him doing spoken word in Hartford and he was on stage for over two hours with no break whatsoever. He's also a fantastic author.