Tuesday Night In Williamsburg

Seth of gave me a call last night to invite me down to the Tuesday night event that happens every week at Black Betty on the corner of Havemeyer & Metropolitan in Brooklyn. Little did I know that 'The Howl' would be playing at midnight and I'd also run into a handful of BPC folk(Moonshine, NY's greatest bartender. Cody and the notorious Sean Hanratty). The Howl were like Ahhhhhhh Real Monsters. Very entertaining. It's great to see kats rock out and totally enjoy what they're doing. No gloom faces on these guys. A lead singer with a respectable sense of humor and good timing, knows how to keep the crowd attentive in the moments when he's not strumming away and shouting lyrics at times undecipherable because of the not so perfect sound set up. If anything the vocal mics were too loud and needed a bit of equalization.

I'm happy I went out. I was at Konkrete Jungle Monday. I'll be out a whole lot more.

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anonymous said...

I'm glad you went out too. Me I've been a hermit as of late but with good reason, kinda.

Anyway, maybe sometime next week, I'll go out with you. :)

(btw it's me)