The Sky And Everything Above It.

I woke up that morning, twice. The first time came after a confusing dream that while dreaming it I realized that I was. I tend to know when I'm dreaming. In ways I control them, though I've yet to put the full effort into maximizing the awkward ability. The colors in total, were mind blowing and the signal was strong.Then I awoke from that instance. That dream. Dreams, within dreams... are puzzling. And for one who is not satisfied with general mediocre impulse, I must say that I was pretty annoyed by the occurrence. I need to drink more water. Perhaps proper hydration will contribute to clarifying madness like that in the future. I'd expected a windfall of useful growth information to drop shortly. Packages delivered in timely fashion when moment choreographs dances with eager opportunity. Some call it synchronicity. I like to say it's just universe cliff note technology.

The color that day was blue. Not blue like the sky, or a robin's egg. Not like eyes or even toilet water. It was like the blue of your blood, before air hits it.

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