A Rhyme

I wrote the following during the wee hours listening to a beat from this album... Aj - Rock Paper Scissors

pausin while you walkin,
talkin over instrumentals,
instrumental in the accidents
that somehow happen,
some die scrappin,
some die strapped in flamin vehickles
some transform, perform miracles..
in the first place you second string mean you play the harp third rate...
ain't seen near skin till the fourth date, mork from ork great..
you moon men with high noon grin, dig spoons in the creamy carcass
feedin on the flesh, bleedin till he death, warrent, read life in pdf torrents
Petey green, double team, silver screen with mitch green curls..
teeth all leanin, like gangsters
i thank yah for you listen ear, Vincent van go right there
behind the car no one will see u
you shouldah made a version of twelve sunflowers in 3d too

these chicks bustin outtah skirt like
the hulk puttin in work
a purgatory story
how i'm stuck on the cusp...
upside down sevens, niggah ran outtah luck
and dropped the baton,
wontons, futons, cuttin coupons
new editions
my groups on tour
and they's gonna sell more!
then you one hit wonders
see all yah fliers on the floor

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