Tuesday is today.

Looks like Sam Cooke is the focus on this cool September morning as I make an attempt to get some type of work done. Was singing , 'All I Need To Know', while walking through the park. I didn't do my shoes off, sit atop the rock thing at Crotona this go round. Frying up some turkey sausage. 'Come Love' is playing now as I type these words you're reading. Sam Cooke. What can you really say? He was a phenomenal being that made an early exit. Now off topic but similarly related because it's music. Radiohead. I'm mad late. Just now catching up. 'Hail To The Thief', the song, 'Sail To The Moon', like damn. Anyway... I'll be back.


Thirtyseven said...

This redesign is effing nice, man, last time I checked this site out it was looking pretty blah...now it's popping off the screen. Quality work. Peace.

The Bronx Über Villain said...

Thanks. Kinda not sure what's different. But okay. Thanks for stopping by.

Thirtyseven said...

This was awhile ago, I must have seen it when you were first setting it up, it was basically a white background blogger template and I bounced. It's fresh now.