Why Am I Making Music?

Because I am able. I'm blessed with the ability to create things that affect people positively... I don't do it for personal attention or because I think I'm going to be rich from it. In my opinion, you really can't 'sell' music to begin with... It's not a person's responsibility to 'support' me. It's not your job as audience to see that my bills are payed. I will not guilt you into supporting. I create music actually to support you. To inspire you and get you through your rough patches. To share with you my experiences. To share what I've learned, I love, I enjoy so that perhaps you may draw some benefit from them. Maybe not. My job is not to thrust any agenda on you or smother you with what I think it's all about. I appreciate your time and interest in my endeavors and not for one minute do I feel you to be obligated to do so. I am grateful for your time.

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