Working with another artist...

Yesterday I went and helped out a friend of mine on some preliminary recordings for her forthcoming album project. I had to get reacquainted with Logic on a Mac. Has been quite some years since I've used the program. The last time I used it was still available on Windows. I still have the Sound Magic software. Think I might rig up an old comp with 98 Second Edition and run that old one. Maybe not.

Anyway back to my friend, Eboni Smith. She's quite amazing to say the least. Working with another artist that you respect and share similar opinions and feeling about the direction of your music is great. It's a tremendous thing as well to actually do more then sit in a room while recordings are going on. Eboni can sing. She's not formally trained. So there are things that she doesn't exactly know about preparing. We did a vocal exercise together. I never did that. I felt good about teaching her something helpful. I'm putting her on to a good friend of mine for vocal training. These actions can do nothing but add to the refinement of her artistry. Make her better. Make me better. Eboni is dope. Wait till you hear her.

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