Ire Asked: What non hip hop song you listening to?

Man I've been listening to the same few songs at random...

Harry Nilsson - Me and My Arrow - Man I have this thing about certain Beatles tracks as well as beatles sounding stuff. Also stuff written by Beatles. This one I'm just weirdly partial to and I can't pinpoint the exact reason for my inital infatuation with it.

Daryl Hall and John Oates - I Cant Go For That Man it's simple as there are just some great eighties songs and this is one of them. Never Mind I love the friggin chorus. I'll do anything that you want me to followed by I'll do almost anything that you want me to. I crack up everytime I hear that.

Gerald Lavert - Casanova - this is another one of those tracks that makes you think of that eighties flick that made you smile. The main characters made it through whatever issue they had to deal with, they end up dancing the night away at the club and the camera fades or they toss their caps in the air at graduation and it's all smiles. Scene done.

There's something empowering about a lot of that era's music. Something that's really missing from todays' mainstream. It seemed to flow from radio effortlessly back then. (I'm not trynah start any conversation about why the radio is the way it is today.) Z100 in the morning was straight up get up and go music.

Also I just can't get over the line I am not your cassanova, me and Romeo ain't never been friends. that is classic.I reheared that song for the first time while standing online at the bank. Preoccupied with nothing at all, I was able to listen to every word and appreciate it.

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