Are i Truman ?

Aside from multiple hidden cameras all about the small town that Ed Harris's character created to watch Truman; Did he ever use any type of gps system?

There was a word going around earlier this year that certain manufacturers of Suv's would by standard have gps automatically installed in their vehicles. The theory was that since rappers seem to make Sports Utility Vehicles their choice of transport, that obviously making these modifications in cars bought by them would aide the 'Hiphop Police' in keeping track of them, along with monitoring their conversations. I wonder though where are this hiphop police stuff is and where it's actually going. I thought that it was all started to for the most part keep tabs on those individuals that use their freedom of speech to motivate the masses to think and free themselves from the wrong doings of the magistrate. I thought it was cointelproesque. Now what I'm hearing more of is complaints by individuals that don't have the masses best interest at heart. Who's messages are rather vulgar and frivilous. Those who actually have a track record for being involved in much more then making music. I don't question them being harrassed and being wrongfully infected by these providers of oppression. I just want to know ultimately what the real agenda is of this 'Hiphop Police' group. Who in fact they target? What their true purpose is? & Where the leak is? Who told to begin with that there was a special section of the police. I also wonder that if perhaps there's a differance between the Hiphop Police and the monitoring that has been done and the haraasment of those not so mainstream artist that speak more so about affect governmental change.

It's all rather confusing to me.