Neo Retro Spectro Graphiks Vol.1 Soon Come !

You know, sometimes I have to ponder for a while before I come up with new promotional schemes to make the world aware of projects that I have available. Where some artists run through new releases often because for some reason they seem to create music that is I suppose disposable, while I on the other hand, (mind you I'm not trying to boast) have no problem with letting listeners hear older material. You never stop selling an album. I don't believe in what I commonly hear from a large number of emcees, the statement of this is 'old material'. 'Dated' perhaps? I think there's a difference if you perhaps had music that you didn't think was as well put together or didn't really suit the personna you currently exist in. Otherwise, I really don't see the point of you recording a song this year and you feeling your own music is played out the next year and you cease to pushing it. If this is the case, perhaps you need to reconsider the music that you do. And why you are doin it.

Anyway, where am I going with this rant? What's the point? Well the point is, I'm releasing the Neo Retro Spectro Graphiks Vol.1 mixtape consisting of 4 years worth of music from various albums I have released during that time period as well as unreleased music and tracks from forth coming projects... Make any sense to you ? Well it makes an awful amount of sense to me. First off, if you've made some good music it's meant to be heard, doesn't matter when it was recorded. There are miliions that have not heard it. You never stop promoting an album. Micheal Jackson will never stop selling records.

If you've never heard The Hidden Diaries Of Sonny Carson Mixtape, Journal: An Eklektik Journey, Pagan: 1st Movement 1968 or Vinyl Destination, you can get a taste of what you've missed and proceed to get yourself up to date. On NRSG Vol.1 you'll get a sample of tracks from the forth coming album Co-Conspirators and an assortment of unreleased tracks from albums that were stopped short and mixtape songs that never left the studio.

I'm looking at men's diamond watches seeing as in my born date is just around the corner. This mixtape being completed and released to the masses is almost like a birthday gift to me within it's self.

On a totally unrelated note... Actutane lawsuits are just another serious issue in the midst of the million and one that exist in our unbalanced and chaotic society.

"Accutane has been linked to 240 suicides worldwide and has continued to be a controversial subject since Accutane was first FDA approved in 1982. Accutane manufacturer, Hoffmann-La Roche is now facing legal battles as mainly survivors of Accutane suicide deaths have filed suit. Lawsuits allege that Accutane manufacturers failed to warn of the deadly Accutane side effects that can occur and instead, focused on more mild Accutane side effects such as dry skin.

Accutane patients and Accutane survivors are trying to uncover what Hoffmann-La Roche knew about Accutane side effects while failing to fully disclose the dangers to the FDA, physicians, and patients. In addition to a link between Accutane and psychiatric disorders, Accutane causes severe birth defects and even fetal death. The FDA concluded that Hoffmann-La Roche did not adequately communicate the dangers to women using Accutane. Now, Accutane is even linked to an increased occurrence of inflammatory bowel disease and lupus."

Just some interesting information that you probably didn't know about. And it won't stop , won't quit!


Mahogany L. Browne said...

that is called "a greatest hits" album... lol

pray2d said...

my my....this is one hell of an album! i absolutely looooove it!!!
thanx for your music and plz keep it up!! :)