Casiotone 405

I took my lil sister to school this morning and on the way back home I saw one of these propped up on the side of one of those dumpster. you the big ones that you see anywhere there's serious construction going on. Anyway, there was a dude over in the dumpster pullin stuff out. He pulled out a second one and said there was third in there. The school threw out a bunch of old stuff from the music department. He was like take one. (I'm not assuming anything about the guy. I could've said I saw a crackhead rummaging through the dumpster.) I was gonna anyway but I was like no doubt. Of course I have a spare power plug right in my closet. I cleaned it off a bit and plugged it up and sure enough it's in perfect working order. All I need is some nice replacement nobs. Only question now is , do I keep it or do I take this thing all cleaned up to the pawn shop and get some cash for it. Get a ticket and go back for it in a couple weeks?

Funny thing is a couple weeks ago I went in the Salvation Army to humor myself and saw a Casiotone 1000 sitting up on a shelf. It worked put the speaker situation was a lil bad. A speaker can be replaced wasn't that much of an issue. The real issue was my pockets weren't lookin right. All in all I discovered another piece of musical antiquity and I didn't have to spend a cent.


The Assimilated Negro said...

waddup con ...

I got a Casiotone in the crib also ...forget the model # offhand

Anonymous said...

I've actually been looking for a Casiotone 405 for over a year. I am a keyboardist, and this was actually my first keyboard when I was a child. If you ever have one for sale I would be interested in buying it.

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing lil' cheezy Casio keyboard.
You will hopefully NEVER part with!
Buy some effects for it, like the Alesis ModFX, and you will be forever in love.
I have a Casiotone 405 with all the knobs and in very good condition myself and also some ModFX's. I have a lot of fun them :-D