Chewing gum in church.

I remember when I was a kid going to church on Sundays, and one thing that stands out in my memory as an adult (other then being afraid on the first sunday of every month, because the communion wafers and grape juice containers where underneath a white sheet in the front of the church looked like a dead body covered up) are the items that you could and could not ingest during service. There was a unwritten rule of some sort. That rule was simple. You couldn't eat anything in the 'House of The Lord'. But you could suck on a mint. Tic Tacs. Little peppermints. Big Peppermints. The one's you had to crack on the floor. Or on the side of the church. Charms hard candies where better then Lifesavers. But as the candy became less minty and increasingly sweet a line had to be drawn. Also you weren't supossed to chew gum. And if you did. Perhaps Trident. Chicklets were pushing it. And by no means were you ever to chew bubble gum!

As a child though there were times that you'd chew gum or eat mints that kids normally would rebuke if offered. But anything was good when you were sitting in church. For instance. Violets in no way would be the candy of choice for a small child. Honestly, they weren't all that great and if you asked me then I would have said that they probably really had violets ground up in them. There were also an assortment of chewing gums that were likened to adults such as Clorets, Freedent (The only gum I know of that boasted of not sticking to teeth. Dental work. Old people. Kids aren't worried bout that.) and that sugarless gum.(Tasted diet. While it's on my mind. If you happen upon a restaurant that serves Tab. Don't order. Get out of there. And don't be fooled, some of those Fresca's are the old ones that you shouldn't drink).

All this talk about when I was younger reminds me now of two things I did not like.

Pepsodent. Why? Just why? The worst toothpaste that ever existed.

Davey And Goliath. Scared me. Talking claymation, puppets or what have you just didn't do it for me. Nevermind you're talkin bout a children's show that came on before the sun even rose. It was dark out when it came on. Dark out and weird scary show. Not a good mix. Similar to Zoobilee Zoo and don't let me get started on the friggin Letter People on PBS... yikes..!


Ra said...

Like your style -- keep it up!

duana said...

like your run-down in "chewing gum in church". can't believe that my offering you the clorets gum at that current tv event inspired this blog!