Cross at the green, not in between.

You know what grinds my gears ? Crosswalk buttons. If anyone can make any sense outtah this other then it being a possible experiment on random pedestrians or a horribly bad joke played with tax-payers dollars, please let me know. From what I understand the only individuals that have the power to control traffic-lights other the those that operate our traffic system are infact ambulance drivers (and possibly cops). While we're talking about ambulances, something else that has been grindin my gears for years is the word 'AMBULANCE' written backwards on the front of the vehicle. Okay so it's written backwards so you can read it forward in the rearview mirror. IF YOU CAN'T RECOGNIZE AN AMBULANCE WITH BLARIN SIRENS SPEEDING TOWARDS YOU ON THE ROAD. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE DRIVING!

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Tah said...


I went to San Francisco and the crosswalk buttons actually worked. I think it's just in NYC that these shyts don't work. I think they jues put em there to give impatient MFr's something to keep em busy.