I crochet in knitting factories... actually...

Yeah well, I do what I wanna. Wanna fight about it! I know quite a few new york lawyers if you're the type to press charges after you get whooped, so don't test me.

Life is good. It's hectic but it's good. Mixtape release next week at M Bar.

You know who's funny? Those conspiracy theory talkin kats you see that think the government is listening to their conversations that go no further then the corner they stand on. I joke and tell these individuals that the only way to combat the man is to get a portable gps handheld and track them. Keep'em on their toes. They nod in agreement.

Now iced-out, rockin pink diamond rings, extra thick lip gloss and a more then adequate supply of attitude, is my former 54.11 (Taxes have gone up in in New York City) wearin mistress of hiphop, slip not remove top-less dance for 8 Ball Magazine cameras and be candid centerfold. Truth be told, that staple doesn't cover much.

In highschool, economics was the easiest class, as a senior that you had to pass to graduate. But what did I learn. Nothing that I remember now. I actually learned more in junior high about the stock market and money from my math teacher that also taught us chess, spades and bid wist 2 days out of the week.

But you know I can only focus on what I can learn and attempt to teach myself in this day and not dwell on what I could have learned and didn't learn in school. I wasn't meant to learn anything to begin with. That's the whole point. I accepted that a long time ago. Time to move on. We have the world wide web. Seems most folks can only find negative things to say. They speak of the net as this horribly polluted place where you're children are far from safe and pornography is outtah hand. I say the internet is the world's largest mirror, but unfortunately we're all vampires so of course we can't see ourselves and we surely can't take very photogenic polaroids.

That was a tangent. Sorry. What I was ultimately going to say was that with the internet being the plug into this vast world of information, one has to do less coat-tailing of silver investors & investing gurus to learn about silver. Don't get me wrong, you need to get involved with a human at some point. But you can learn a lot on your own through research that is much more readily available in this time. I was amazed by online trading firms opening up shop in the real world. Physical buildings that you may walk into and make transactions and handle business that you would usually handle over the net or on the phone.

Are Psychotherapy T-Shirts meant to be worn by people that can't communicate or worn by those attempting to communicate to those that have a hard time communicating ? I'm confused, like being functionally illiterate and having to decipher Morgage Rates. Be easy and show up at the Knitting Factory thursday. And M Bar Tonight.

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