New Venue... Conscious The Host Is Back... Tuesdays at M Bar

Looks like The M Bar will be the place to be on Tuesdays from now until. I'm partnered up with Tah Phrum Duh Bush that was blessed with the opportunity to do whatever he wanted with the spot. Now together, (in the neverending pursuit of diamond watches and frivilous things) we intend on making things happen instead of whining, crying and waiting like unfortunately most people seem to. While checking the current gold prices at a local pawn shop just a few short days ago, I thought about a few things. One thought was about what I could potentially do as just one small being in this vast universe. Then I began to think, what could two people accomplish.

You know the Samurai's daily quest was increasing what he knew. Everyday, learn. Learn and learn more. The pursuit of infinite wisdom till they day you cease to exist in your physical from on the planet. Do you ever think about how much there is to know and experience ? Do you ever think about how you will never know or exerience all that is available. I mean, one minute you can be researching Mortgage Refinancing and the next, admiring the intricacy of a spiders web. It is what it is. I say, appreciate those those things that are often over looked. Take in all the information you can absorb within reason. Breathe, blink, yawn, stretch and enjoy each day...

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