Eating Habits

I am not going to Craig’s list you to death or chain-smoke you with unenthused advertisements of a righteous lifestyle. I will not kiss the die and rub my rosary beads together, with a Hail Mary pass of the dice on to this crappy life, crap table. Not gonna beat you in the head for stealing cable either. What I will say is that although, is sickens me, that you ingest what you do because you’ve accepted, the preprogrammed diet manufactured by some boardroom of men that do not look like you and would never invite you out for drinks by their pool; go ahead and do you. ClichĂ© alert, I’m sorry but you are what you eat. Your head hurts from an over dose of sugar. You’re an alcoholic. Sugar is just like alcohol once it gets to burning in your system. Sadly, your body aches, adverse affects of yellow number 5 and blue three. An intervention, by way of a nice hospital stay is quite possibly what you need to come to the realization that it is indeed important to pay attention to what you put inside of your body. You are the only one responsible for what goes down in that club. Unfortunately, even with countless mounds of information given to you that is proof of what certain items you scarf down will do to you, you choose to ignore them. With that, ‘nah, I’m not gonna quit smoking, I’mah die anyway’ attitude. You gottah love that logic.

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