You Know What ?

Over'ah Billion Served, (McDonald's) has served up some next level of exploitation that this time comes in the form of a grand idea they have for enticing artists to develop songs mentioning the franchise in their lyrics. Supposedly, they plan on offering some sort of deal for artist who's songs become hits that have Mc D's references in them. Here's the problem. I'm an artist now taking time out create a hit with mention of the Donald's. My song doesn't hit. But it's popular though, and I've provided free advertising for the franchise anyway. Where is my compensation? It's like working overtime for no pay. All this work get's done. The boss man makes more money and I'm stuck with the same lame check I've been getting. The sad thing is that artist large and small will actually take the time to try and make a song mentioning a Big Mac, or something off that Dollar Menu, instead of just making music like they normally would. And at the end of the day, the only one that will benefit from it honestly will be McDonalds. Now as far as the artist, I'm not saying they're victims either. If you you choose to be exploited that's your decision. I'm just pointing out what's obvious about this scheme. So write songs about the golden arches if you wanna. You might actually make a hit ! But I bet that there'll be some fine print. Perhaps, they'll pay you in cheeseburgers, if you're lucky.

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