Restless in NYC

You ever have so many thought in your mind that you can't even single one out. Do you ever get caught out there, spaced, thinking about nothing? Do you sleep as well as you should on those nights that you actually sleep?

Restless and in attempts to accomplish something massively creative, but without tyring to force it, I wanna write prose but it never seems to come. I hardly ever write poems anymore. Only on the occasion that that part of me seperates to do so.

Today. I will set a schedule as to what I will post every day on this blog of mine I created out of sheer boredom while at the same time thinking it will be beneficial for exposure and hits. More search engines will pick this up. Rss feeds. The internet changes every second. And the digital age is upon us when it comes to music. It can get confusing. One day I will ration my time. And I will be unplugged as this certain person I know speaks of being.

I need some paint. I have some images that need to be created. The grand ol plan can not just be described in rhyme form. Many chapters will be complied from scribbles on discarded bar napkins, and scrawlings on old crumpled receipts.

Clover oil kills bacteria. Waterbugs are disgusting and cunning...

Clowns... I'm not too fond of them...

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