My Conscious Diner : Chiptole Style Turkey Burger For The Lazy Non-Chef

Now Listen. Firstly, I'd like to say that me and turkey burgers are tight like hospital corners and that this is in no way representative of my usual, well involved method of producing delectably appetizing turkey meat feats. In short, you will soon enough learn the method of various turkey burger styles. But you have to work up to that. This one is for the not so much lazy but more or less pressed for time individual that's gottah fill his/her belly like right now and doesn't have all day or night to wait for some friggin meat to marinate. Let's go!

What do you need?

Some ground turkey for starters. Not pre-made patties. I said this quick, not ridiculous. This is gonna require that you get yah lil hands a bit dirty. If you don't wanna then wear some gloves.(I get mine from the 99 cents store).

As far as turkey meat, I'm dealing with Shady Brooks Farms ground turkey. I'm sure I'll find something wrong with the companies procedures next week and denounce them, but for now this will do. *You have a choice.They have your ol regular lean turkey look a lil lighter them hamburger (ugh) or you can get the straight ground turkey breast that is much lighter,or even white turkey breast (It looks almost white when you cook it) and has to be seasoned much more for flavor.

The turkey is handled... What's next? How do we season?

Well folks that is quite simple. If you don't already have some you need to make a trip to the market and get you a bottle of Mrs. Dash SouthWest Chipotle Seasoning Blend. The great thing about this Mrs.Dash is that it is salt free. Never mind herbs and spices are great medicine for whatever ails yah.

I may go overboard with the amount that I use for my burgers at times but I would generally say for a nice quarter-pound burger, I’d advise about a 3/4 heaping tablespoon of that chipotle seasoning mixture.

Now it’s up to you whether you toss that raw burger in a fry pan or if you so happen to have on hand as I do a standing Foreman grill, you can toss it on there. I’m partial to grilling.

The next part is integral to this particular recipe seeing as in the fact that it is not one of the well involved ones with many steps that you will see from in the future. Slice up some onions. Nice yellow ones that’s make yah cry. Those will do fine. I normally toss those in around the time I’m looking to flip the burger the first time. Keep your flame low. Don’t burn up those onions.

I’m attempting to loose the dairy from my diet gradually so I’m not going to put cheese on this burger. I’d suggest Muenster if I were though.

We’re gonna keep it pretty simple with the condiments as well. Let’s just go for a squirt of ketchup and some Gulden’s spicy brown mustard. Wait I almost forgot. Toss on a couple forks full of sweet relish. Yes sweet relish. Why? Well because the South Chipotle tends to be a lil bit spicy for some folks and the sweet relish tones it down a bit without being intrusive to it’s integrity.

I always say cut up a nice sized slice of tomato to top any of your burgers or sandwiches along with you favorite green leaf lettuce. (NO ICEBURG HERE!) Lettuce & tomatos are healthy let’s face it and people just aren’t eating enough vegetables these days. Also, tossing some veggies on yah burger you’ll get full up a lickle quickah along with yah side dish and your beverage you should be straight without thinking to have a second burger.

One more thing. I don’t do the bleached white flour thing and I suggest you follow my lead. Looking back to high school and those wheat sesame seeded buns, they were actually giving us something that wasn’t so awful. If you can find some wheat buns as such try’em out, they won’t kill you. If you can get regular sesame seeded buns of the large persuasion then so be it, just make sure the flour they were made with was not bleached. If you want toast yah bun.

Commence Consumation Of Food Units…

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All of a sudden you are a chef . hmmn . cool site . lets see if u keep it up .
this way i can keep track of u and ur ever changing world .